Defense Issues Weekly

By | May 3, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Defense Issues Weekly

  1. Jan Brown

    Obama continues to demonstrate just how dyslectic he is….He thinks the guy on the mat with the ref giving a 10 count is the winner.. unless of course the guy on the mat took a dive. Even a 3rd grade bully recognizes the value of strength…Then, of course he may feel compelled to pick up where Clinton left off with downsizing our military??

    Everyone seems rather consumed by ‘comprehensive reform’ of Immigration Laws, perhaps these energies would serve us better by reforming the lazy and ‘let George do it VOTER that almost invited this person, not once but twice, into OUR House. (If we last that long)

    Zbigniew, your logic is so sound on this it can’t be denied, as are the facts.. thanx

    1. Zbigniew Mazurak Post author

      Thanks, Jan! I really appreciate your comments!

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