UPDATED: Parents Want 2nd Opinion on Child’s Health; CPS Takes Child

By | April 29, 2013

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3 thoughts on “UPDATED: Parents Want 2nd Opinion on Child’s Health; CPS Takes Child

  1. Jan Brown

    I cannor imagine the horror these parents had to deal with…I do know that we are ‘encouraged’ to get a 2nd opinion before a major proceedure. Doctors are human & make mistakes. Recently, our family had a situation that warranted doing just that. Had #1 been accepted my husband’s larynx would’ve been removed..the 2nd resulted in NO loss & remission for a year! (Praise the Lord)..A child has only a parent to speak…it is their duty. Over zealous CHP can do a lot of harm. Are these parents still trying to ge the baby?

  2. ThomNJ

    Inexcusable that so many in chid services feel a vindictiveness when they don’t like something – the hospital worker(s) who called CPS are the same – making a judgement without all the information. Since when are the parents de facto considered untrustworthy? This is treating them as if they are criminals, guilty of something rather than the so-called presumption of innocence. This is twisted. California should be ashamed – but no, it has become a communist cesspool.

    1. granny

      Those workers, most unmarried, do not have the knowledge nor the expertise of determining whats better for the child. They concentrate too much on parents rather than the child. I lived next to one, and she said many times “I don’t know whether I did the right thing”. On the spot determinations are made and a big percentage of the choices are wrong. Out of the mouth of a Social Worker.

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