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UPDATED: Parents Want 2nd Opinion on Child’s Health; CPS Takes Child

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  1. I cannor imagine the horror these parents had to deal with…I do know that we are ‘encouraged’ to get a 2nd opinion before a major proceedure. Doctors are human & make mistakes. Recently, our family had a situation that warranted doing just that. Had #1 been accepted my husband’s larynx would’ve been removed..the 2nd resulted in NO loss & remission for a year! (Praise the Lord)..A child has only a parent to speak…it is their duty. Over zealous CHP can do a lot of harm. Are these parents still trying to ge the baby?

  2. Inexcusable that so many in chid services feel a vindictiveness when they don’t like something – the hospital worker(s) who called CPS are the same – making a judgement without all the information. Since when are the parents de facto considered untrustworthy? This is treating them as if they are criminals, guilty of something rather than the so-called presumption of innocence. This is twisted. California should be ashamed – but no, it has become a communist cesspool.

    • Those workers, most unmarried, do not have the knowledge nor the expertise of determining whats better for the child. They concentrate too much on parents rather than the child. I lived next to one, and she said many times “I don’t know whether I did the right thing”. On the spot determinations are made and a big percentage of the choices are wrong. Out of the mouth of a Social Worker.