Obama Pushes Banks to Accept Less Qualified for Home Loans

By | April 3, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Obama Pushes Banks to Accept Less Qualified for Home Loans

  1. Smart Bonds

    Does your government actually have the power to tell the banks what to do? I’m from South Africa.

  2. Ronni

    I remember it well because at the time I was listing and selling real estate. My friend and I had more than one conversation about the 125% mortgage loans, NJ’s high real estate taxes and how the market would eventually decline because homes had become so expensive.

    Not surprised they’re doing this again because when the goal is to destroy what better way than to crash the housing market again. In the 1970’s when I first became licensed I remember hearing when the economy is hurting real estate is the first one in and first one out. If you noticed real estate started to come back recently and so they must do something to stop the recovery.

    Obama doesn’t want a recovery or job gains, he wants a dictatorship and in a good and free economy it is not possible.

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