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Marco Rubio and the Magic Beans

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  1. If Marco had any ideas of running for president he can put them aside IMO because I for one would not vote for him and I know a number of others who share the same opinion


    This is an issue that I live with in a ‘border state”. It is also one that I’ve been actively working to solve for over a decade with FAIR, ALPAC, Az. Border Defenders, Retires BP Agents, TX Border Volunteers & otherlike enities. Michael’s post is absolutely correct, and..just the tip of the iceberg. I cannot express how I feel when members of Congress & others that have no idea what so ever what hey are talking about! American Citizens are have life’s work destroyed, carrying firearms to feed stock or just do yardwork..VIOLENT crimes by ‘crimminal trespassers’ against citizens is more than 100 EACH DAY..

    IMMIGRATION ..LAW.. on the books is very specific (& in English) as to HOW entry to OUR Country is to be.
    That includes background checks (so eagerly sought for guns) & the value of what ‘immigrants’ can contribute to us. Citizenship requires a ..”SWORN” allegiance to ONLY the USA and recogniztion of ALL laws that govern….

    Question:..What will be done with the thousands that (don’t) qualify for the path laid out in this bill?

    Portions of this bill gives HLS Napalantano complete descretion as to how, when & determination the borders are secure…Additionally, she has 6 months to present her ‘plan’..What the heck has she been doing the past 4 years???

    I am attaching a website to allow YOU TO SEE FOR YOURSELVES…what those of us in Az, Calif, Texas live with daily. They don’t include the 3 bodies left on a ranch south of Houston last week.


    THIS is why utter lack of enforcement is causing Amrican citizens to live in fear…not freedom

    thanx Michael

    • You are welcome and you have my sympathy. The moral blindness of leftists never affects them, because they are insulated from the effects of their bad ideas. You won’t find Eric Holder on an AZ ranch.

      The Washington Times reports today that employers who filed fraudulent W-2 forms (some cases in the thousands) will not be sanctioned under the new law.

      • No, but you will find him in Mexico City this morning and Obama will be there Thursday or Friday…to purportedly discuss ‘mutual’ means to handle immigration. Curiouslym just last week, Mexico published the 2 ‘huge’ sweeps rounding up drugs & illegals in ‘their’ country.

  3. I didn’t vote for McCain because he was for amnesty (along with being a RINO) and I won’t vote for Rubio if he is for amnesty. If Rubio wants to support Democratic causes, run as a Democrat.

    • You and I are in agreement regarding McCain. I wrote in Sarah Palin. Rubio will need that water bottle in the future for he seems to be burning his bridges with the Tea Party,