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5 thoughts on “Time for Old Soldier McCain to Fade Away

  1. vanzorge

    adios john, and please take lindsay with you

  2. Frank Santelia

    Sen.John McCain as we all know served his time in hell.He also served his political career(handicaped) which was amazing.He gave it all for his country.Now I think it’s time for Sen. John to rest and allow the younger REPUBS do battle.I’ll always respect his opinions as a consultant.He deserves all of our respect I salute you Sen. McCain.

  3. Jan Brown

    When McCain ran against George W for the GOP nomination & lost he was a ‘sore loser’ & publicly critized GW throughout the election cycle or at lest made snide remarks…I was disappointed & almost embarrased by his behaviour….after all, this man was an American Hero!…He has had his acolades & enough credit for his military service…He is full of resentment over his loss in ’08. He still seems to ‘assume’ he is ‘the’ absolute authority for the Republilcan Party…It is time to say “John, we no longer require your services, Go home to Cottonwood & enjoy your life’….If Arizona can find a candidate that is well vetted, for this next round, I will do what I can from Texas to get him elected. I’m sure there is a Rand or Ted there.

    1. Michael J. Fell Post author

      It is definitely time for new blood in all levels of U.S. government

  4. Ed Wallis

    McCain is a Trans - gendered Partied Democrat.

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