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Butter knife packed in student’s lunch leads to suspension

Butter knife packed in student’s lunch leads to suspension

There is scarcely any foolhardy decision made by today’s educators that would surprise me in today’s societal climate.
In numerous bizarre cases of overreaction to the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, students have been reprimanded and suspended for such innocuous acts as “threatening” another student with a bubble maker or chewing a pastry into something vaguely reminiscent of a gun.
A middle school in Massachusetts recently got in on the act by targeting a student who brought – gasp! – a butter knife with her lunch.
Morgan LaPlaume, who wears braces, was spotted using the dull cutlery by the school’s vice principal. She used the knife to cut the fruit she brought for lunch, since she is unable to eat certain foods whole.
Reports indicate the administrator took LaPlaume to his office and promptly suspended her for violating school policy. The school principal made a statement on his assistant’s behalf, explaining the student’s parents signed a handbook containing the zero-tolerance policy pertaining to students bringing knives to school.
LaPlaume’s mother agreed she signed the paperwork, but could did not fathom the policy would be stretched to such ridiculous lengths as to include an eating utensil being used for its intended purpose.
When I was in school – not all that long ago, by the way – I picked up a case knife along with my fork and spoon and continued along to enjoy my lunch. Today’s children are so sheltered the possession of such silverware constitutes a breech worthy of suspension.
The utterly sickening common theme among all these cases of hypersensitivity is that, on their own, none will prevent an individual intent on causing harm from doing so. Until we, as a nation, address the real causes of such anomalies instead of demonizing those who want to protect themselves and their families, the only result will be a more helpless and victimized society.
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