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2 thoughts on “US Constitution: Transitioning Our First Amendment from Freedom of Religion to Freedom to Worship

  1. Brian Evans

    I agree that you may do whatever you wish with a cat who infringes on your Property rights…even use of the 2nd Amendment.

    If we use this analogy, you would not be allowed to see the cat for it would infringe on your freethinking. …and if it did infringe on this right, I would be at fault because I infringed on your freedom.

    Christianity is suppressed using the same analogy and yet, environmentalism and Islam are taught in our schools.

  2. Jan Brown

    Our over the top indulgence in “political correctness’ will be the primary cause in the death of the “Most Exceptional Nation” on the planet. What happened to “God helps those that help themselves”? This addiction has become just one more Assumed ‘entitlement’to be MIS-used & abused.

    While I fully appreciate & accept the fact that there are different faiths, worship practices etc…let me put it this way…You are entitled to have a cat, but if that cat comes to MY sandbox to poop…I WILL PUT A QUICK STOP TO IT.

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