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Texas school district now fingerprinting students

In the name of “safety”, now kids in a South Texas school district who ride a bus to school must have their fingerprints on file to ride the bus. They say the fingerprints “will not be available to outside sources”…. you tell me if you believe that!

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  1. Jerry, I had the same reaction & at the same time I want my grandchildren safe as possible. I believe all school districts are trying to add security measures with all the horrible things happening with our school children & of course each district is different. I’d rather that a camera with boarding & getting off b used & families having their own ‘finger print’ ID pak at home that many police dept do free of charge. I’m sure it isn’t the intent for the school to ‘share’ but….

  2. This is total bullshit! How long have children been riding school buses without having to submit to fingerprinting. And, safely also.