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3 thoughts on “Scissors: The Best Defensive Weapon

  1. Dennis V

    Grade schools should be one of the safest zones in the country, there are generally lots of “Scissors” there.

  2. Derrell Poole

    Come on Bob! Give Janet, the EMO Lefties AND their Gestapo a break! They are suffering from Climate Change! Seems stupidity goes up when the climate gets warmer…. Besides you must not encourage her with that Rock-Paper-Scissors thing or we will have to register scissors AND paper (rocks present a real problem since they are, well, just, everywhere!)

    I’ll bet she failed Home-Mec in High School. Too busy smoking bongs and having mind enhanced epiphanies.

    Disband the Department of Homeland Security!!
    Disband the TSA, ATF, FEMA, IRS, FBI the Federal Reserve and all of the other Federal accoutrements that were NEVER authorized by the Constitution! None of these bureaucracies really benefit the people any more than what the States could do for themselves! Their purpose is no less than to assure the survival of the Federal Government against the people who are just about Fed (pun intended) up to “here” with their crap! The Constitution sums up the Federal Government’s mission – Guarantee a Republic to the States and to the individuals of the Nation.

    Are they doing that? Time to stop being “nice” and start getting just plain mad!!!

  3. Barb N

    Maybe we all should carry a concealed halloween mask and scare the hell out of the gunman!

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