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Rubio to Give GOP Address Feb. 12

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  1. This is the first time I can honestly say I agree with Bohner or McConnell and it may be the last. I am a huge fan of Mark Rubio’s & find him a real breath of fresh air & hope for our Country. We’d be in great shape if we had others just like him representing us & taking care of business. We found Ted Cruz & I’m certain there are more equally as valuable to ‘do the people’s business’ if we start looking now…for 2014.

    With all the excitement he provokes, I’m certain that his name will be close to the top of the list for 2016. On (Allerah,”Marco Rubio Presidential Profile, CDN, May 29, 2011)I saw some immigration relate points that might cause me to pause before getting on board that bandwagon. ie: He ‘opposes amnesty of any kind’ is for ‘in-state tution for children of (illegal) immigrants’ etc. And ONLY as I understand it, he was born in Cuba on his mother’s visit there, IF so, we don’t need that distaction again.

    In the meantime, to have more Rubios & Cruz’s in Washington would be a dream come true for many many Americans….a blessing, indeed.