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4 thoughts on “Chris Kyle: The Legend Falls

  1. Eddie Ray

    Chris Kyle was a sniper in Ramadi, a battle known for numerous allegations of war crimes by snipers:

    “n the same email Al-Dulaimy wrote that on April 29 two children had been killed by American snipers: a seven-year-old girl who was with her mother on the way to the doctor was felled by a bullet, and an eight-year-old boy was gunned down while he was playing in front of his home. Also on the 29th, witnesses reported another five people were killed by snipers. That same day, Al-Dulaimy’s father had nearly been shot when a bullet went through the rear window of his car, but missed him. Neither the western, nor the Arab press reported civilian casualties for the 29th”

    1. tea party

      It is sad that we let our government make killers out of us and then justify it with religion.. sorts like Jihadists.

  2. Jan Brown

    He leaves us all with a great legacy of Patriotism, Honor & pride that was dedicated to servce. How fortunate are those that knew him…An American Hero

  3. Jeremy Griffith

    This is a tragedy and we should not as the mainstream media does jump to conclusions. Kyle was a hero on and off the battle field. He saved more lives than he ended and he tried to help his peers after his retirement. This is a sad day. Thanks Cindi for sharing this.

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