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6 thoughts on “The Reality of Long Term Unemployment

  1. Valerie

    I’ve never had a full-time job my entire life…I was either working temp or part-time jobs just to make money to pay the bills, etc. Because of my education and what skills I do have, things are very difficult when looking for employment…I have also been on unemployment off/on for years, with still no luck with a real job…No matter how hard I try when looking for work, nothing ever comes of it.

  2. Jan Brown

    Michael, you about said it all. I did notice that not a single soul has mentioned that the economy has always & will cycle through ‘bad times’ when pretty much left to its ‘natural resource.’ However, when too many cooks start throwing in a stimuus, tax increase & stir the pot…the stew is spoiled…..Man seems far to capable of ‘adusting’ to surroundings & sadly ‘doing nothing’ is almost the new ‘norm’ (I Hate that term) or have a built in excuse to shrug, sigh & oh well, go with the flow. Some seem ‘born’ to it….And Ronni, I, too have met a goose or two with more sense.

  3. Ronni

    I am weary of calling the Democrats incompetent so let me just cut to the chase THEY DON’T HAVE THE SENSE GOD GAVE A GOOSE! Nobody can be this stupid so I am left with no other choice but to think it is a purposeful plan to destroy this nation from within.

    There is not one thing this administration has done or even proposed which would grow the economy and provide jobs. Yet, the citizenry voted for another four years of the same. Gotta wonder??????

    1. Michael J. Fell Post author

      Citizeny brainwashed by kindergarten through advanced college degree anti-American indoctrination voted for four more years. What they see on TV, in Hollywood movies and in the “news” media reinforces their brainwashing on a daily basis.

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