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Obama Places Children in the Political Cross-Hairs

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Lisa Richards is a life-long Conservative Republican with a capital "C," fighting leftist progressivism like a hyped-up hormonal verbal paper-shredder on over-drive. A writer of politics and history, Richards believes in upholding an defending the Constitution and American Exceptionalism without apologies. Lisa Richards Holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University. She resides in her native state of Connecticut with her family and an assortment of rescued animals


  1. “using children as weapons to gain public popularity in order to destroy constitutional rights, is not unfounded. In fact, it’s the progressive statist way.”

    I’m sure this is something you are equally outraged by when you see pro-life protesters using images of aborted fetuses.

  2. So true.

    What? No one saying you are disrespecting dead children?

    So many ignorant people that can not see through the propaganda.