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238 thoughts on “NRA Publishes List of Gun Control Advocates

  1. steve

    Southland corporation is not even a company anymore. However, 7-11 would like to know how they made the list.

  2. AddisonDeWitt

    Won’t be buying my Valentine or any other card from Hallmark.

  3. Tyler

    Why would the Journal News publishing the addresses of people with guns make them more likely to be robbed? If anything it just made the people on the list safer because what reasonable criminal would break into a house they KNOW has a gun.

    1. todd

      because the addresses that were not own there per public record did not own a gun. so now the criminal knows what houses have guns

  4. George Danz

    I wish NRA would have published the NAMES of the commie-pinko-gun controllers instead of just their organizations. We “criminals” also need to know wheir addresses too, so we know where to go to pick up THEIR guns.

    1. Narsh

      You are dealing with cowards to get rent a cops for protection

    2. Joe

      Put my name on it: Joe Ellis. I’d be buying ATF agents donuts for life if they started confiscating guns.

      1. John

        Joe Ellis….I hope you are the next victim of a violent crime (with no way to defend yourself)…What an idiot…probably voted for Obama

        1. Joe

          That’s such a lovely thing to hope for, John. Your mother must be proud of you.

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