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NRA Publishes List of Gun Control Advocates

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  1. It is nice to know that I am in good company – add me to the list as well. I am a gun owner and I am also in favor of stricter gun regulations.

      • Why what?

        • Why do you agree with unconsttutional gun laws? I DO NOT THINK ABORTION SHOULD BE LEGAL, SO WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO BE EXPOSED TO IT. oops caps lock on. There are many things I disagree with, but I do not advocate they be done away with to make me happy. If you really look into a lot of the info in the media you will find they are false, bent or plain lies. Read Atlas Shrugged, and compare that plot to what we see today.

          • Gun regulation is not unconstitutional and I believe that people who are mentally ill should not be allowed to purchase any type of gun. I believe mental health screenings are important and since the constitution does state “A well regulated militia” it does stand to reason that regulations should be in place. Nothing unconstitutional about it. Cars are registered and regulated – why not fire arms?

            Ugh! Atlas Shrugged? Seriously? That is the best you can come up with?!? John Galt never existed

          • Cars are not a right, they are a privilidge. The right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is a right. Protection of life and liberty is a right and shall not be infringed upon. Any infringement on that right is unConstitutional.
            The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

          • Seriously, I am a gun owner, and you all really need to stop pulling up the abortion argument. It’s so stupid, and it makes you look like idiots. I do think we need to keep psychos and mentally unstable people away from guns. They don’t have any business with one. But perfectly sane individuals should be allowed to keep their guns.

    • No, Atlas Shrugged was not all I could come up with. Read “Hunger Games,the “Patriots”, Agenda 21,and The sites Un.com, ICLEI.com, democratsagainstagenda21.com for a start. John Gault may not have been real but what that book talks about is the agenda of the UN now, and they expect you to pay for it.

  2. It’s not the gun control advocates or the gun rights advocates that are evil. The evil ones are the folks who would use guns for evil purposes, as well as the government who would then take “gun control measures” and use that as a jumping off point to take away more rights for their own evil purpose. So, both sides can be good or evil, depending on their intentions behind their stance. I prefer not to villify anyone on either side of the argument until and unless I know what their real intentions are. Until then, there is no need to suspect that anyone/everyone on whichever side you are against is a bad person simply because of their stand on gun control.

    • Most evil thinks it’s doing the right and good thing. Keep that in mind. 😉

      It’s all for the greater good or for someones protection.

      • Yup, I realize that people don’t always think about their actions as being evil. My point above was regarding those with ill intent – meaning they are perfectly aware that their intentions aren’t good.

        • Wayne LiePierre is a perfect example of “those with ill intent”. He’s a lobbyist. For the gun manufacturing industry. And gun dealers. You know, free market capitalism.

          The current mindset of the neocon right winger is that the free market should be unregulated. The stance of Wayne LiePierre’s NRA is only the most recent example of that.

          The banking industry, the fossil fuel industry, the pharmaceutical industry are other examples that have caused a lot of pain and expense recently. Also, too.

  3. making families, homes and neighborhoods vulnerable to theft and assault

    While I don’t approve of the newspaper listing the names of gun owners, I don’t get this comment. Why would people be MORE likely to commit theft or assault against somebody they know to own a gun? I thought the whole idea was that gun ownership makes this LESS likely.

    The National Rifle Association decided to hit back.

    By publishing names of people and organizations that had nothing to do with the newspaper publishing the original list? That makes sense.

    If the intent of the newspaper was to shame those with gun permits living in their community

    Are you saying that they were shamed?

    • Because now the criminals know where to steal guns.

      If they are intending to harm someone then they know who doesn’t have guns!

      • If I was a criminal around there that info would be a god send. No more worrying what house had a gun or not.

        Some rapists has an eye on your lovely wife all he has to do is check that article and address make sure there is no gun there and he’s got a free pass.

  4. Why didn’t Jesus make the list?

    • Ha read your bible. Jesus never advocated disarmament. If fact he said just the opposite.

      Why did Peter have a sword to cut off the soldiers ear? Jesus never told him not to carry it.

      If you think Jesus was a pacifist, You are mistaken! He sure as hell kick the crap out of the money changers.

      Jesus doesn’t belong on the list.

      • Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

        Luke 6:27 “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.

        James 3:18 And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

        and so on and so on.
        Of course Jesus was a pacifist. What an extraordinarily dumb thing for you to say.

        • Yeah, Jesus was a pacifist. Turn the other cheek and all that stuff. I’m an old school man myself, if someone harms me or my family, rest assured they will regret it.

  5. Some of you fools would do well to read before you post. “… the NRA has upped the game by publishing the names of gun control advocates all over the country. Many of the names on the list are companies, organizations and individuals that are GUARDED BY ARMED SECURITY”.

    Not an “enemies list”.

  6. Take each cie, peoples or church and you will see they’re all connect to Caritas Internationalis who’s run by the Vatican, the false church of Christ, to achieve global peace plan = (war and tyranny global agenda). Actors and signers could be associate with one of their big corporation like Hollywood who’s also connect to the global church who control everything. Many of them are connect to some NGO charities, leading charities that provides assistance to the “poor communities”.

    Caritas Internationalis = REVELATION 17-18

    • The World Council of Churches who’s also run by the Vatican control all denominational churches and all religion. Only the disciples of Christ refuse to submit to the corrupt church of Rome.

  7. Someone needs to throw a net over the NRA. They’ve always been a toxic front for gun manufacturers, but now they’ve gone completely off the deep end and are compiling enemies-lists.

    • Your NUTS, the NRA is protecting the Rights guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of the CONSTITUTION. Someone needs to throw a net over you.

      • AMEN RANDY! Can dish it out all day long, but they can’t take the heat… get out of my country then, our second amendment is part of our CREED and patriotism!

    • Did you enjoy the Kool Atd??? None of you libs know or admit that the NRA has done more safety training to children than any anti-gun group. The Eddie Eagle program has been proven to work. What do the libs do beside talk and complain?

      • Obviously Eddie Eagle isn’t reaching the right people, if recent events (a slew of mass-murder shootings) are any indication.

    • Sorry but they fight for me! Gun manufactures are getting that protection as a side note.

      I’m sure you don’t realize how the NRA got started. By fighting to arm blacks to keep them free and safe from their ex democrat slave owners!

      NRA the first civil rights organization. So tell me, you don’t want blacks to be able to arm themselves from the likes of the KKK. Maybe gay’s shouldn’t arm themselves from gay bashers?

      • Oh, that explains the hangings, beatings, lynchings, dragging behind trucks, shootings, rapes, flaying, drawing and quartering, and all those other things that happened to unarmed blacks between the end of the Civil War and the advent of the Civil Rights Act, right?

        Or did all that happen AFTER blacks armed themselves?

  8. I’m proud of everyone on this list!

  9. Doesn’t matter how many times it’s pointed out that gun control doesn’t mean gun confiscation. Doesn’t matter if it’s a fact or not. You still get people (many of whom fill this thread) that continue to pretend otherwise.


    • No – but it is a step toward it!

      • Didn’t you read what Locker said? “Doesn’t matter how many times it’s pointed out that gun control doesn’t mean gun confiscation.”

        And it didn’t. Not for you.

        People like you are called fanatics. Like fans of a favorite team, you can’t be swayed from your belief that your team isn’t a winner.

    • Gun Control is not about Guns…it’s about strange metropolitan metrosexual nutjobs that lack the ability to understand simple statistics as they daydream about the rainbow colored land known as the kumbaya utopian brain fart. Where the “Good Witch” Feinstein makes it rain koolaid packets and EBT cards stapled to amnesty papers for all….amen

    • Yes, it does…why would they want to know if it weren’t for a reason?

      Criminals don’t register guns…My urologist was Killed today in Newport Beach, CA. the gun in the 70 year old mans hand that shot him wasn’t registered.. if I had been there …he would have only been shot once maybe twice and I would have shot the Old Crazy bastard …guns don’t kill people, Bad, crazy people kill people !

      • I heard about that killing. Coulda sworn it was a gun in the hand of the old crazy bastard that killed the doctor.

        Or did the old crazy bastard just head-butt the doctor?

    • Yes it does. The proponents of the first gun ban admitted it all ready. After it passes they claimed it was the first step. Don’t be fooled!!!!

  10. I’d love to see the corporations listed. Like Amazon, Pepsico, Bank of America etc..