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Calling Ceasefire on the Boehner Bashing

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  1. “Speaker Boehner has made it clear that he will no longer negotiate with President Obama.” Unfortunately, you can’t take him on his word. He said that he would repeal Obamacare, then he said it is the law. He said we need spending cuts than he raises taxes. I am not hopeful and the glass is not half full.

  2. What WE want doesn’t matter in Washington any more. They lie to us, we elect them and then they do as they damn well please. It’s one big party and Boehner is Perle Mesta.

    That the electorate is stupid doesn’t mitigate Boehner’s incompetence (and that of Republicans in general) one bit. We got what we voted for…garbage.

    Ceasefire, my @ss. I’m reloading.

    Where is that third party?

  3. It seems none of us will ever be a Boehner fan club member, for all the reasons given & more, BUT it was ‘our’ representatives that not only failed to challange him, but voted for his return as Speaker. So, I ask you…1st, Who voted for the Representives in the first place?

  4. You know, I was talking to the guy who works on my truck today. He couldn’t get to me because he was busy so I told him “Don’t worry about me. Make money! I’m a good Republican”…then I stopped and said “No, I’m a good capitalist” because my party has abandoned me. Boehner is Barry’s b!tch. I’m embarrassed of the way we capitulate at every juncture. America is going down the tubes and we can thank spineless losers like Boehner

  5. “Boehner has learned the lesson Republicans should have learned decades ago,… .” I doubt this very much. John is weak. Against an Ideologue like Obama you need a complete stalwart, a wall. No More Spending increases. No More Raising the Debt Ceiling. Significant debt reductions or the house will de-fund the White House budget starting with all the Czars.

  6. Boehner is what he is or is not. He was just ‘chosen again’ to lead the House by the very men & women YOU & I ELECTED..hmmmm…I spoke to my representative, Mike Conway & told him what this ‘boss’ wanted. Did you? He didn’t listen…I left him the message that next election my support & help wouldn’t be there for him….Republicans/Conservaties/Libertarians must use their OUT SIDE VOICE so that opposition & constency all know who is doing what..In Boehner’s favor…negotiating with someone who has repeatedly announced what he would or would not sign very publicly..it narrows the road to be traveled. Had the general populous ‘known’ more details, perhaps even some Democrates would understand…Ultimately it is up to us that ‘hire’em’ to ‘fire’em” if they aren’t up to the job.

  7. Why a ceasefire?? Because everyone else did it? Because he’s *better now??? I’ll believe that when I see it! He needs to get dumped! We don’t have anymore financial time for him to be a panzy. He’s done this before…no spine. I’m just as sick of the GOP whiners as the dang liberals! We need NO more negiotiations…we need SET standards of immobility, no matter WHAT kind of pressure there is! If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the dang kitchen!