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Why Republicans must change to survive (let alone to win again)

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  1. In other words, just become an extension of the Democrat party. Move to the left and all will be fine. This is ludricrous and foolish thought and this is what lost the last two elections; putting up moderates like Romney and McCain who were not good candidates. The reason Romney lost was because so many stayed home who would have voted had someone worthwhile been nominated.

    How about letting the Republicans go the way of the Whigs and get a third party going which is actually conservative?

  2. “Firstly, it needs to state clearly that it is a party of limited Constitutional government, free market economic policies, fair trade, and a strong national defense. Period.”

    You should have started this pile of manure at “Firstly” and ended it at “Period” as its the only sentence that makes any sense at all.

  3. the only hope for Republicans and whites is if Texas becomes a nation and passes laws to reward workers not welfare hos that are having 8 to 10 kids by age 30 and that will see the no loads run to new orleans

  4. the only hope for Republicans and whites is if Texas becomes a nation and passes laws to reward workers not welfare hos that are having 8 to 10 kids by age 30

  5. international black man

    we black folk done outbreed you whiteys an ya just keep handin over the country to us one city at a time we keep bulling yo kids in school and putting them in they place at a young age so they be understandin about who runs this place the panthers and the black caucus

  6. international black man

    whitey your days is ova, u aint neva gonna be able to told no body whut ta do no mo yo free ride is cum ta an end. we has got afirmative action own r side and the black caucus to make sure aw da laws passed is to hep tha black folk they time is cum

  7. The reason the Republican Party keeps losing is, they have changed. They have been moving more and more to the left every election. What they haven’t learned is, you cannot out Democrat a Democrat. Republicans were doing just fine until they gave up on less taxes, smaller government, and more individual freedom. This liberal/pregressive movement is not only destroying the Republican Party but the country as well.

    • Agree… Its been down hill all the way since the first Socialist Bush said the big lie: “Read my lips, no new taxes.” and then cut a deal with the D’s for the biggest tax increase since Taxing was allowed. Then came Bush II to push Socialism (R’s deceived by calling it compasionate conservatism)further and spending like a Leftist on steroids. Not to mention the Bush I and Bush II wars. The Bush’s more than any persons, places, or things, are what have destroyed the Republican Brand.

  8. The G.O.P. doesn’t have to “change”…it has to DIE.
    Some Conservative/Tea Party must (begin to) replace it ASAP.

    Unfortunately, this article makes the same fatal mistake all too many RINOs make: “if only we behave more like Democrats, they’ll *like* us!!!1!eleventy!”


    Though there *may* be a few, limited cases where the “return it to the States” approach might make sense (e.g. abortion), most mentioned here guarantee the permanent death of the Right: Latinos will NOT vote Republican if amnesty is granted; as Amy suggests, it justifies and encourages the entitlement “gimme gimme” mentality of the Left. A FATAL ERROR.

    GROW A SPINE and watch support grow.

    • Sounds like we weren’t reading the same article, but would like to refer you to..

      U.S Constitution…Amendment 10.

      which addresses your ‘return to the States’.. And ask the Libertarian or Green Party how that 3rd party works out for them…The Tea Party is fashioned to support the Constitution & field appropriate candidates that further that goal. Not to replace any political party.

      • Did you get that piece of sarcasm from Mad Magazine’s “Snappy Answers to…”, Jan?!? I’m quite familiar with the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments, thank you very much.

        May *I* refer *you* to the WHIG PARTY, to see the likely future of the G.O.P.. The G.O.P. does not *want* to change; please see Boll Whittle’s video, “What it would be like to have a candidate who really believes in conservatism.”

        • I’m so sorry you thought I was being sarcastic. I find that even many conservaties don’t know all of the amendments & I obviously erred in my attempt to be helpful. Apparently we did not read the article in the same way. My reference to ‘another’ party was to point out ..how long.. it takes to become revelant. We are in crisis & the boat is sinnking,& if we jump ship now, we don’t have another one to climb into.These past couple of years have yielded so many interuptions & definitins of ‘conservatism’ that it’s difficult to know (exactly) what that means anymore.I’m sure all are at least in part correct & I’m doing what i can to see this type replace the ‘career occupants’ I realize we aren’t at Burger King & I may not get it all my way, but have to try…
          Oh Yes, I studied the WHIG Party in elementry school…again, I don’t know you or what you know, nor you I. I meant no malice or sarcasm.

  9. TEXAS…”gateway to the land of honey” paved with open bordrs & a traffic that equal a New York City in rush hour…Sancuary Cities as close as Houston. This is no accident…And inspite of the the chest pounding of Gov. Perry & Janet Incompentable it worsens daily. “White” people may be better educated & more difficult to convince, so ‘let’s just out number them”…I live in South Texas on a roadway that is heavily traveled by illegals involved in drug & human smuggeling. We have an independent talke radio station whose call-ins are made up of about 40% Latino & at least 95% of them are law abiding contributors to this Country & do NOT approve of the amenesty programs & want picture ID for votes, social programs to illegals cut etc….Most embraced Romney & the Republican Party. RACE is a problem because we do not allow law enforcement to do their job…and we do not ‘monitor’ the schools & actually know what is being taught (or not) We continue to reward the lazy & unwillling (Amy’s gimmes)WE ARE TOO LAZY TO ACTUALLY ‘LOOK’ FOR CANDIDATES that are qualified & will accept the same ones over & over. “I voted” seems to excuse our lack of assuming responsibility.

    You are 100% correct, there is no one answer…IF we start now to vet possible candidates & make theim a household name…we have a start..I do like the people you mentioned, but there is a question as to birthplace on Rubio & I believe Ted Cruz waan’t born here (I worked fringe of his campaign) We need to focus on legislators as well at POTUS this round. 2014 will open some Senate seats….so don’t delay your start or leave it to someone else…As long a Patriotism is alive, we will get the job done UNITED

  10. This is all well and good, but until we find a way to win the gimmegimmegimme free stuff entitlement culture, we aren’t going to win anything but the House, which we’ve won primarily through gerrymandering.