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Tragedy in Connecticut Means More Gun Control??

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  1. First off, the killer was Adam Lanza, not ryan. Ryan is his brother. Secondly antipsychotic Drugs and stimulants that are used by psychiatrists to treat these forms of mental illness do not have violence promoting effects. Antipsychotics, that act against dopamine in the brain, have a calming effect and repress hallucinations. So the meds he was on are not responsible for this, his mental illness and easily accesible weapons are. Knives do not have the capacity to kill that guns do. Not to mention, guns serve no other purpose than to kill. So you can keep preaching about respect for elders and teaching the difference between right and wrong, but until you can effectively treat mental illness (which at this time medicine has limited ability to do), provide parents options on what to do when they have a sick child and decrease these individuals access to guns, these tragedies will continue to happen.
    Yes gun control laws do impede on some peoples rights, but if they decrease the incidence of these kinds of massacres then people should have enough common sense to hand over their right to bear arms. I promise you that those of us that don’t own weapons live the same long and happy lives those healthy people with guns do.