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2 thoughts on “Congressman push for $550B in defense cuts – say they are ‘harmless’

  1. D Gates

    As a Baby Boomer who has worked since the age of 14, thus paying into Social Security, Medicare, and all the other things my taxes have gone to, I resent that receiving back some of the money I’ve paid in all these years is regarded as “entitlement”! It most certainly is not, at least for most of us. I do agree that our military is too fundamental to our national security to be gutted. How about we start with the salaries and benefits of all those losers in Washington that got us into this mess to begin with, and never do their jobs?!

    1. Zbigniew Mazurak

      That would be a good place to start cutting spending, but in and of itself it would be inssuficient. The budget deficit is so huge (roughly $1.3 trillion per year, i.e. 40% of every dollar the federal government spends) that it can’t be erased solely with cuts in their salaries or in the number of bureaucrats.

      Entitlements alone comprise 63% of the total federal budget, which means they will have to be cut at least somewhat to erase the budget deficit even if the military is abolished entirely.

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