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ObamaCare: Walmart Changing Insurance for Part Time Employees

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  1. Folks who receive free medical care make lots and lots of medical appointments. After all, those appointments are free. Why you may also ask do doctor offices double book patients and have long waits in the waiting room? Well, on a good day only half of the patients show up for their appointments. To stay in business the medical facilities are forced to double book in order to have enough people show up so as to be financially viable. The more people getting free medical care, the longer the wait in the waiting rooms, the more rushed the care, and clinics will have to scramble to financially keep the doors open. If you think the medical staff looks stressed now, just wait till Obamacare takes full effect. You will see more working people using duct tape for their cuts and wounds.

  2. Doctors (and nurses), NOT POLITICIANS, provide healthcare. Just because folks are dumped onto Obamacare/Medicaid doesn’t mean they will get cared for. Many clinics are already limiting or cutting back on Medicaid care they provide — go figure when payments are sometimes 40% or less of regular fees, sometimes less than the cost of providing the care.

    This has only been made worse as gubermint runs out of money, while promising more and more Obamacare/Medicaid to folks. These folks who wanted ‘free care’ are soon likely to discover that ‘free care’ means no care.

    Parting questions — How come, if teachers get full pay for teaching Medicaid kids, don’t clinics get full pay for caring for Medicaid patients? Why are health care workers treated like second class professionals? Any guess how long before they unionize and start going on strike for equal treatment….?

    Yep — gotta love Ocare.