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Jihadist in Arizona?

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  1. What I find troubling is, what is Abdullatif Aldosary, a so called Iraqi refugee doing in this country if he was on the DHS’s terrorist watch list. If he was eligible for a green card, wouldn’t that make him eligiable for the refugee status too? Also if this is an example of DHS’s keeping an eye on the people on their watch list, it might bring some doubt to mind as to who’s homeland they are securing. Based on past performance of the DHS, it doesn’t look good for our side.

  2. Many Americans questioned the wholesale approval of bringing Iraqi refugees to our soil as it was being done, even though we acknowledged that many had truly been of service & this was their payback for it. ..well, how about USA even being there was for ‘there’ benefit? With the entry of any non-citizen there are safeguards in place to avoid this type of individual from entering that are only effective IF USED. Asylum/Amnesty that involves additional ‘family’ must include background checks on each & every one….With OTM’s swarming our borders at will & the State Department ‘approving’ any & all…one does wonder if we’ve slipped off the edge into another world….If this is as troubling to you or makes you as angry as it does me..make waves!!!Start next door & raise the tide all the way to the White House lawn..

    One more question: Does anyone think this is an isolated incident?