Jamie Foxx happy he gets to “kill all the white people in new movie

By | December 9, 2012

Jamie Foxx is all about violence against white people in his new movie, and brags about it on Saturday Night Live. The sad part is that the audience loved it too, erupting in laughter and cheers. It would have been great to see a camera shot of the  audience to see how many self-hating whites joined him in celebrating his hateful racism with him.  We truly have reached a new low in America when this is called humor.


H/T Breitbart

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18 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx happy he gets to “kill all the white people in new movie

  1. SickofHypos

    Can you IMAGINE what would happen if I said on national TV kill all the black people. What a load of liberal hypocrites. This society needs to be wiped clean and restarted. Let’s start with killing all the black people. oooo I’m a racist, and that’s not funny is it?
    kiss my butt.

    1. Jon

      I guess I agree with you. You are an unfunny and racist. Rock on with your bad self.

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