Jamie Foxx happy he gets to “kill all the white people in new movie

Jamie Foxx is all about violence against white people in his new movie, and brags about it on Saturday Night Live. The sad part is that the audience loved it too, erupting in laughter and cheers. It would have been great to see a camera shot of the  audience to see how many self-hating whites joined him in celebrating his hateful racism with him.  We truly have reached a new low in America when this is called humor.


H/T Breitbart

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  1. Kill all the Black people…is that racist? or is only okay to say it about White people? (in a film, of course)

    1. No, you can only talk about killing all the white people. That’s all that important. Any other race is racist.

  2. So many of the half baked ‘performers’ with wanning popularaity or questionable talent seem to often resort to the ‘outrageous’ & ‘shock’ to get attention. …Do they actually believe what they’re spouting?”…maybe yes, maybe no, the problem is that all the insecure people in the audience take it as a ‘go signal’ to excerise their own agendas & spread the rumor that this is just fine & dandy…anyway you look at it…fair & equal does not mean…all one way, regardless of ethincity. Last I heard, Brains come in just one color…

  3. Just another racist prick who relies on his fellow racist blowjobbers to get him work. What can you expect from such human filth?

    1. I will tell my Jewish wife what you said. I’m sure she will want to give you a blow job (or not). As far as human filth, I’m a retired U.S Army special operations soldier. The only reason who have the ability to run your mouth freely in this clean society is because of me; I thank you very much for your babble. If you think otherwise move your fat butt to another country, like china, and babble like you do today (undoubtedly you can).

      If you like freedom of speech, try being an American.

      1. @Rex. All I got out of your rant was that you are a soldier and you think your wife is a racist prick because you want her to give blowjobs to someone who didnt like the racist hatespeech. Oh and that you provided protection for freedom of speech. OK thanks for your past service.

        So now will you go to bat for White people who don’t say anything racist but are accused of doing so because racist Blacks and Disingenuous White Liberals (who give blow jobs) have secret decoder rings and just know that if you say apartment, food stamps, Chicago it is racist?

        Seriously are you really defending a man who said I get to kill all the white people, how great is that – How Black is that? That’s what he said. I know comedians and radio personalities who were fired, tarred and feathered for saying some had nappy hair, calling names. Where was the free speech then? If we all play by the same rules, just how much truth do you think will come out?

        I don’t want to kill or hurt anyone and I find it horribly offensive and liberal that standards have dropped so low that now it is cool to say not only hate White people but kill them all if you want to be Black.

        Listen clearly Sir Liberal – I will not accept this latest dip into debauchery. I will not be told it’s cool for people who look like me to be killed making the people who kill me black and cool. Screw you and anyone who supports this horrible hate speech that will inevitably make things very difficult.

        You are a disgrace to the flag and your service if you think calling a racist who laughs at killing whites makes you racist.

        Where did you serve?

  4. ever see eddie murphy on snl impersonating a reggae singer:
    “Kill deh white people, butta, buy my record FIRST”

    they were ROFLTAO

  5. This is pure Anti-White bigotry. He has the callousness to gloat over killing Whites in a movie and the idiotic audience cheers. I guess those where the Non-White members in the audience.
    This movie was written and created by a White man who wants who awarded a Black the lead role and he is still stupid enough to promote violence toward Whites. This is a sad time in our country folks.

    1. So why is it ok to make movies and songs about killing white people but not black people? Really?!?! This is a serious question. I know Obama can’t answer it (not in public), I would like for his voters to give it a swing.

  6. How Black is that? Well, let the black start-in the beginning of January 2012- poor and middle class have to start paying higher taxes to support Obamacare. When I (the white guy) walk the streets of Detroit, and black men spit on the sidewalk in front of me to express their disdain for my whiteness… we know which race is racist. Effective January 2012, people who are too poor to buy Obamacare, as mandated by the Marxist Obama law, will have to pay a higher tax. What!?! Poor people didn’t know Obama was going to tax them for being poor? Well that’s a tax on poor people for being too dumb or uniformed to vote for the right person–yes you are being taxed. Yes, we know that the wealthy will be taxed until they are poor too, but the poor didn’t know how much more they would be taxed as well. Actually,… (humored by the ignorance) the poor are so misinformed and dysfunctional they will never know that it was Obama who took their horrible and meaningless little lives and made them even worse–they will somehow blame Bush like my ignorant parents thrashing to make their stories makes sense; the misinformed will believe the Marxist Obama story line and feel compelled to live in poverty, beholden to the Marxist Obama. The poor will have no choice… Really, Hitler came to power in a two party political system with a constitution much like ours. The wealthy who became poor will quit working (reference Atlas Shrugged — a good read to help liberals understand how the ObamaNation story will end) and move to other countries leaving Obama to tax the Middle Class and pay it forward to the poor–story done. The last one reading this will be the one who was too dumb to leave.

    Socialism/Communism/Marxism kills Capitalism. Without Capitalism, there is no growth of anything except Government. Obama is Marxism. Those who are too dumb to understand today’s of sacrifice children and grandchildren to Marxism are Marxist themselves.

  7. Typical behavior for this sub-human simian beasts. Perhaps he should receive the same. As usual, these primates immediately resort to violence to solve any problem. They will kill over the last chicken wing, last glass of Kool-Aid, or even if they are ‘disrespected.’

    When one of them is able to ook like a human, for some reason brainwashed liberals pay attention and think it’s funny.

    He should be kneeling down and kissing the feet of every white man he sees. If his ancestors were not imported here and given productive jobs on farms and plantations, this chimp would be living in a mud hut and eating termites off of a stick.

  8. Um, do you not know what the movie is? Do you not know who Quentin Tarantino is (you know, the white writer and director?) No? These aren’t “self-hating whites,” these are people in the know. If you didn’t think it was funny, don’t laugh. Don’t go see his movie. Don’t make a post like this, because it gives real racists the chance to say things like:

    ” Typical behavior for this sub-human simian beasts.”

    “That nigga better be packin” (classy)

    “What can you expect from such human filth?”

    And so on. This is fake outrage.

    1. People in the Know? Oh yeah like that movie Director who took an Old White man who fought back on a bus after being attacked by a real racist and made him into a Latino fighting a white guy.

      I believe you when you say your outrage is fake, so is your intellect it seems.

      1. Oh, that movie director, that movie director who you don’t name and just what are you blathering on about? If you are going to say I am not intelligent, please don’t precede that with incoherence.

  9. actually demographics are destiny.Obama won reelection from black voters primarily because he too is black ; he won reelection from other minority groups because of anti-white racism and, as Patrick J. Buchanan noted in defense of Mitt Romney, because he offered more goodies .

    minorities are harmless ?

    This idea that minorities are harmless unless liberals corrupt them is completely false and extremely dangerous. Another variation of this is the claim that blacks were hardworking and well behaved until welfare came along in the 60’s.

    It’s an argument that serves the interests of open borders Wall Street Journal types. If you take it seriously, it would imply that flooding the country with Mexicans won’t be a problem as long as they are taught some kind of 1950’s school curriculum.

    It’s sad and frustrating that so many nationalists still cling to false, conservative ideas that do not serve white interests.

    more wars?

    Take the worst fear symbol (nuclear war, death) and dangle it before the people. Now they have them mentally captivated with fear. Their fear is their power and control. BOTH PARTIES of Government would have us believe Iran is more of a threat than the mass immigration of non-whites and their subversive cultures that are carried with them? That the Federal Reserve is an American institution? There is a never ending supply of money? Internationalism is the threat and we don’t have the power to show real fear to the public…yet. Oh, it’s coming, and when the money is taken from the parasites, it will be like opening the doors to one big national nut ward. Global police, NATO troops will restore the order. They’ll be about as compassionate as these folks

    socialism is bad?

    How did Detroit go from one of the most remarkable cities in the world – when it was all white – to, well, the Detroit of today? Thomas Sowell and other conservatives would have you believe it was all about liberal policies and socialism, yet those same policies have helped a country like Norway flourish. Innovation and entrepreneurial activities are commonplace in Norway, similar to the commonplace high rates of illiteracy, corruption among the elected officials, and crime found in Detroit.


    Republicans don’t work for our interests any more than Democrats do. I can’t take the GOP seriously anymore.

    Now that they have Jeb Bush’s Latino son entering their ranks, they think they have a new meal ticket to get Hispanic votes. These people have been working against white interests for quite some time. Now, they’re just making it more obvious who they’re actually working for.

  10. Can you IMAGINE what would happen if I said on national TV kill all the black people. What a load of liberal hypocrites. This society needs to be wiped clean and restarted. Let’s start with killing all the black people. oooo I’m a racist, and that’s not funny is it?
    kiss my butt.

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