Why the Next Generation Bomber is needed

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  • Its true that it wud be foolish to expeft a b52 to survive in russian or chinese airspace. B1b might have a chance but the surest bet is the b2 spirit. The 2009 usaf requirement states that it shud be an optionally manned plane with a 5000 mll range. I know the b2 is expensive. What i am wondering is it not possible to modify the b2 using cots tech to bring down unit cost to under 600 mil a unit instead of spending another 30 bil minimum researching a new stealth airframe? Considering that bnth russians and chinese have asat capabilities, completely unmanned missions may not be possible. In any case i always was a sucker for the flying wing design, so i hope b3 turns out to be one. For now i am in love with the b2. 😉 cheers.