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Rage Against the Liberal Machine

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  1. “How did we reach this quandry?” How, indeed ? Steven you offer a very clear understnding of ‘what’ has happened. If I may, I’d like to step back from the intelectual reasoning & ‘attempt’ to provide some thought from another perspective. Let’s look at your statement regarding the “liberal-arts model that teaches us to think in a mature manner” Before any maturity can take place..one must know HOW to think. In the ’70s I was counciling & speaking to High School Students on career choices, I was amazed at that the majority did not have a grasp on ‘reasoning’ of their selection, much less how to evaluate the suitability. This was in the ‘feels good, do it’ days & parenting went out of style & often children were on their own to learn the intangibles required to solve life’s problems. It was easier for Mom & Dad to ‘assume’ the schools at all levels were teaching. This lack of attention was the perfect opening for the new ‘rice paper walls’ to soon surround the orignal liberl-art model. These transparent wall can be brought down IF parents will once again become involved at the elementary level & review the Board of Regents goals instead of accepting status quo. As you quoted Gobbels on repeating we need to acknowledge that many of today’s parents have been indocrinated to some degree. I believe this is an area that has been ignored or cast to one side for far too long & that knowledge is the best weapon available. Thank youo for this effort

  2. Amen brother…see “The Degradation of the Academic Dogma The American University, 1945-1970” by Robert Nisbet…its time to Drain the Swamps!

    SJ Dauw, M.A. H.Ed.