Obama campaign confident they will win

By | November 6, 2012

Yesterday, the Obama campaign officially ended with what the President noted was his last campaign speech .. ever. The incumbent’s campaign is out in-force telling anyone that will listen that they are confident that they have the votes to win the election.

This morning, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said that Romney’s last-minute stops in Pennsylvania today were signs that the Romney-Ryan ticket is “grasping” if they think Pennsylvania is a tight race. That’s a sentiment continued from a twitter battle between the two campaigns last night.

Obama offered Romney his congratulations for having run a “spirited campaign” and acknowledging that Romney supporters are just as enthusiastic as the President’s followers, but that he felt “optimistic” about the days outcome.

David Axelrod has been saying that the election was going to be a solid blowout with Obama being re-elected handily. He’s gone so far as to bet the mustache that he’s sported for more than 40 years. On Monday, Axelrod noted that out of their set of plans to get to 270 electoral votes,  “all those pathways are intact” and that he was confident that Obama would win both the popular vote and the electoral college.

Even Democratic Party Communications director Brad Woodhouse got into the follicle folly by betting his coiffure on the outcome of today’s vote:

The campaign and party seem focused on early voting results and what may well be a flawed turnout prediction model. If the Democrats D+7 model holds, the President will certainly be giving a victory speech at the McCormick Place convention late tonight or early Wednesday morning. If the Republican-leaning independent vote tilts the model to Gallup’s observation, those at the McCormick center will instead be treated with a concession event.

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