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10 thoughts on “Democrats, There Is One Thing I Admire About You

  1. L.E. Liesner

    The Democrats have what I call a blind lock step loyality, and it is assentuated by socialistic main stream media propaganda organization. While most of us Republicans still believe truth, honor and the American way,Democrats only believe their way. This blind loyality may win elections, but look at what it has done for freedom of the American people. Also blind loyality will faulter when the redistribution of other peoples money an property runs out.

    1. Jan Brown

      You’re quite right, L.E. as far as you take it. Stil let’s not leave out those ‘conservative’ voter’s that did not get their personal choice as a candidate & either refused to vote or voted for the Libertrian & Green Party on the ballot full well knowing those candidates were symbolic only to salve their own sense of rightesnous while increasing the wound already inflected on the rest of their countrymen…If the Republicans cannot get beyound their own inflated egos & unite we’d better find an alternative…fast!

  2. ArdvarkMaster

    If Republicans go the route of amnesty for illegal aliens and try to become democrat lite, they will lose my vote and my money.

    If someone wants to vote for the ideas and “principles” that are the Democrat Party, why would you vote Republican (Democrat Lite) when you could vote Democrat?

    1. Chris Vaca

      The main reason I vote Republican is because they stand for a small federal government, low taxes, and a strong defence. There is not one Democrat that believes in that.

      1. ArdvarkMaster

        It has been a long time since the GOP was the party of “small federal government, low taxes, and a strong defence”. Republicans have been adding to government, only at a slightly slower rate (name one department they have actually cut, not reduced the rate of growth). Remember the Prescription drug Program for seniors. How was that small government and low taxes?

        Boehner has always had a weak spine when it came to fighting for small government and low taxes. He will cave into Obama, taxes will go up, government will grow, and Republicans will try to become a weak imitation of Democrats to garner votes.

        If the Republican Party decides to forgo fiscal responsibility, support amnesty in any form, and ignore the lessons that low tax rate increase business activity in an effort to court voters now supporting Democrats, they will lose my vote and my money. I already do not vote for or support the Republican representative in my district because he voted for the bailout.

        1. Chris Vaca

          I could not agree more, the party has punked out, they need to grow their balls again.

  3. Dave Cox

    The problem is the GOP isn’t willing to learn from the past. If you look at what happened in 2010 when republicans won several seats in the house of representative and in the senate they were backed by the tea party and the christians. Did the GOP learn from that? No, they nominated a moderate that alot of tea party members wouldn’t support and he was a mormon in which a lot of christians felt they couldn’t vote for. Romney done what he was supposed to do so it wasn’t his fault he lost. He was a moderate when we needed a true conservative. It was the GOP’s fault for not nominating a true conservative that the tea party and christians could rally behind.

    1. Chris Vaca

      Hi Dave, We had Republicans and Conservatives bitching about Obama for the past four years, then they stayed home. As far as I am concerned, they are the ones that put Obama back in office, No vote was a vote for Obama.
      What happened to all those people who said Any Body But Obama?

      1. Jerry Peters

        I agree Chris, the people who stayed home put Obama back in office. As far as I am concerned they have no right to complain about anything that Obama does, they lost that right by staying home.

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