U.S. Universities Threatened – Evacuated

By | September 14, 2012

** this story will be updated as details become available**

The University of Texas evacuated all buildings this morning as a bomb threat was called in by someone claiming to be a member of Al-Qaida. Now, more American universities are responding to terroristic threats.

University of Texas at Austin Evacuated under Bomb Threat – Cleared

** as of Noon local time, no explosives were found, evacuation ended

At 10:11am Central time, the University of Texas at Austin was evacuated with the following message posted on the University’s Emergency Page:

Evacuation due to threats on campus. Immediately evacuate ALL buildings and get as far away as possible. More information to come

The threat was received via phone at 8:35am by a caller who identified himself as a member of Al-Qaida – the terrorist organization responsible for the attacks of 911, the U.S.S. Cole bombing and numerous other high-profile attacks. The caller said that the bombs would detonate within 90 minutes.

Roads into and out of the campus have now been blocked off by police.

North Dakota State University Evacuated Under Bomb Threat – Cleared

** evacuation order lifted, re-opening campus at 1pm Central.

At 10:15am local time, the North Dakota State University evacuated all students and staff after receiving a similar bomb threat.

As of 12:27p Eastern, all University campus, downtown and agricultural buildings have been evacuated in response to the threat.

A Minneapolis FBI spokesman has confirmed the threat.

1:15p eastern: University President states that they continue to work with police, school remains closed.

 Valparaiso University on Alert after “Unspecified Threat” – Ongoing

An alert posted Friday morning:

An unspecific threat to campus was made through a graffiti message alluding to dangerous and criminal activity alleged to be carried out during the chapel break period on Friday.

The broad threat provided no details with respect to location or type. Please be on alert and report any suspicious activity to VUPD immediately by calling 911 or 464-5430.

Classes are still in session at the University. The chapel break is currently scheduled for 11:15am local time on Friday.

The school is Lutheran university  located  in Valparaiso, Indiana.

FBI and local authorities searched the campus but found nothing suspicious.

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