U.S. Drops to 18th in Economic Freedom

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  • Now the policies of the obama administration to downgrade our country is here for all to see. His aim to bring “fairness” to all is succeeding. We will be “fairly” free, “Fairly” economically stable, “Fairly,” or, should I say, “Barely” be influential economically or militarily in the world. We are fast becoming just a blip on the radar screen of nations. Obama praises the islamic countries and islam at every opportunity. This raises a question that, naturally, the state run media would not touch with a mile-long pole. When worldwide disasters strike – floods – tsunamis – earthquakes, etc., would someone please name and document the aid sent from islamic countries? When the horrendous tsunami hit Japan recently, the first country on the scene with aid (A fully equipped and staffed mobile hospital) was….wait for it…..Israel. The U.S. was not far behind sending men and material to help. Islamic countries? Too busy with beheadings, denigrating women, chanting “Death to Israel and the U.S.+ – you know, the usual daily stuff.