Did Obama Gut Welfare Reform?

By | August 8, 2012

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4 thoughts on “Did Obama Gut Welfare Reform?

    1. quisp65

      That story only fact checked what Romney stated and not the what this article states. It didn’t fact check any future criticism of the law.

      It also clearly does not meet the “Pant’s on fire” requirement for fact checking. How true Romney statement is, is based on what future agreements the HHS agrees on. We have history showing us that prior government rules that required work became too lax. Who you gonna believe? History or a left leaning newspaper site that has “Fact” in their name.

  1. Tim K.

    Someone needs to haul FactCheck.org up short for its biased version of this story. They mention the 20% work increase requirement, of course, but fail to note that it was added AFTER Romney’s criticism. (See? He is already influencing policy!)

    FactCheck also hides the facts on what is likely to pass under the new definition of “work.”

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