What Every Citizen Must Know About Our Debt!

By | July 28, 2012

In this video, accountant Hal Mason explains in detail, and so simply that even the most strident progressive will be able to understand, how and why the US faces imminent economic disaster!

It is vitally important that we all understand this problem, and what it will take to correct it.

The video is about five minutes long.

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4 thoughts on “What Every Citizen Must Know About Our Debt!

  1. Hal Mason

    Thank you for sharing this video. Our nation is racing toward the fiscal cliff and we must change directions.

  2. Bruce

    Obama is not just leading generational theft in the USA the knock on effect of his socialist politics is having an effect on us in other countries as well, please America we forgive you but you must get rid of Barrack , send him as ambassador to Outer Mongolia, he is a party animal and the laziest president in American history

  3. George Blumel

    The first and most important fact about the deficit is that it is a TAX. It is a tax on future generations that is being spent now for the benefit of the regime in power. Obama’s planned annual deficits of over $trillion is an enormous tax that will continue to depress the economy for many years. It is generational theft on a monumental basis. OMG! Obama Must Go!

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