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Obama’s Read My Lips Moment

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  1. Obama had the House and Senate, and a blank piece of paper – he could have crafted any piece of legislation he wanted, and as long as the Dems supported him, it would become law. If Obama couldn’t pass single-payer, it’s because he couldn’t get enough votes from the Democrats.

    The passage of Obamacare without any GOP support proves that GOP obstructionism had ZERO impact on the legislation Obama passed. If the President needed GOP support to pass any legislation in the first session of Congress (under Pelosi & Reid), it would be to replace Democrats that wouldn’t support his legislation.

  2. If these trolls (voice) were as confident as they portend about their Barakshevik they wouldn’t be trolling this site.

    Keep up the great illustrations and the insightful comments Ken.

    I read that Romney has raised over $3million today.

  3. Thank you!

  4. The economy is destroyed because of liberal socialist/fascist, anti-free market, everybody-gets-a-trophy, wealth-redistribution, big-government democrats who like to blame capitalism or the free market(that’s kind of like blaming a bad economy on the economy.. There is no way an economy can survive under that.

  5. You are delusional if you think the government gives a sh*t about you and your safety.

    ovomit outsourced tons of jobs, with OUR money.

    nafta,cafta and shafta ring any bells for you? Yeah, the feds really have our back.