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2 thoughts on “Obama Flouts Constitution With Immigration Edict

  1. Marsha

    I have voted democratic for every president from
    1972 thru 2008. I am from Massachusetts & know that
    Romney was the worst governor we ever had, which made
    me think it would be better to vote for the President. After the announcement by the President I have decided to vote for Ron Paul. This country has long needed another party today more than ever. Romney has bought & paid for every vote and has ruined health care in this state. Our present gov. Patrick a good buddy of the Prez. has made it worse.I
    ask you simply is there anyone that can run for this office and actually not be bought & paid for by big Corps? Also Congratulation to the reporter. We have outsourced and now 800,000 new people who have already broken the law just by being here will take summer jobs from our children & grandchildren as countless more U.S. citzens are out of work. Seriously how out of touch is Washington? The Attorney General Should act now! Thank You.

  2. Lisa

    I don’t care that it hurts legal immigrants; I care that it seriously hurts our own natural born citizens and the fabric of our nation. Giving more concern to people from other countries reminds me of people who care less about their family’s interests than they do the public’s.

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