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4 thoughts on “For the Children

  1. Valorie

    As always, Tony. Right on target.

    I welcome people from other countries wanting to immigrate here. Our country was built on immigates from all over the world who sacrificed everything they owned to come here and build a new life for their families. These people accepted,loved and protected our country as it was their own. That is the way it should be. Come here as long as you do it legally and abide by our laws. If you are here illegally whether by your fault or someone elses you will be deported. That’s the law. If you don’t like it, than stay away. Also, any politican, including Obama, that support this over-riding our Constitution should be deported along with the illegal aliens they support. Our country is growing very tired of these traitors!! Keep up the good work, Tony!

  2. voice

    This is a sad to say the least. The president is if not of all things weak. He would never hide behind anything or anyone, ask the dead terrorist, especially binladen.
    oh yeah, you can’t.

    Currently deporting crying children to a country they do not know has in his opinion not a good idea for the direction of the immigration problems. It is a step to solve some issues, but it is not the cure. Other issues i am sure will be addressed at a later date.

    This was a sad cartoon, it lacked substance which is why there was not much to comment on. oh, one can say the republicans are like cactus, sticky, green and need litte water to fuel their brains which is why their ability to pass laws is so lacking.

    keep them coming i find great amusement in the gop spinning around trying to chase their tails like a dog on a hot summers day.

  3. Corkie Taylor

    Well said Tony! This administration is as corrupt as it gets… Enough. Obama and his cronies have to go… big time.

    1. A.F.Branco

      You are so right Corkie.. It just keeps getting worse everyday.. A cartoonist just can’t keep up…LOL

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