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One thought on “OC Republican Voted Out in Wake of George Wallace Mailers

  1. Mary S.

    It’s really too bad that the OC-GOP has sunk to this level but then after what they did to the candidates running for O.C. Sheriff back when Corona was running is not that different. The back-room phone calls to be there,to make sure they had enough to vote, it was all planned out a head of time. The GOP did what C.A.I.R. and ISNA couldn’t do… these two organisations listed as unindicted co-conspirators in the Homeland Foundation Trial after 9/11. Since none of the GOP were at the rally against the two Iman’s in Yorba Linda and only watched the hatched up job that C.A.I.R. & ISNA produced, I was there and can tell you that Deborah Pauly never said anything about Muslims in general, her remarks were aimed at the two that were talking inside and who were named in the Homeland Foundation Trial…. Thanks GOP your nothing but scum. That’s what we are trying to clean up in the GOP across this nation.

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