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18 thoughts on “Launching a New Slogan

  1. Ron Russell

    Tony, another great cartoon. I repost all of your toons at various sites of mine and will put this one up later today. I use cartoons from Townhall and Net Right Daily, but yours are best in my book. Keep up the great work buddy.

  2. voice

    poor obama did not stand a snowballs chance in hell for chance with the tea party up his whazoo. a one term pres is what they said. at all costs. the economy, old people, the poor, the sick all in a sinking ship of we must take back the country. the teaparty is the reason for our current misery. wake up people.

    1. Ken

      I can’t help but respond “voice”. At the time of this writing there are 17 comments on this site. Yours is the only one in dissent, which doesn’t bother me. However, you encourage people to “wake up”, implying that we have misunderstood, and that somehow our interpretation is wrong and yours is right. In other words, we’re the ones who are not too bright and you have some insight we all lack. Yet look at your post. It is the ONLY post that uses incomplete sentences, no capitalization, incorrect punctuation, and grammar bordering on illiterate. And yet WE are the ones who require education??? From a person who is too busy to be bothered with using the ‘shift’ key on their keyboard? An educated argument requires educated thought and action–neither of which your post displays. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when your actions speak so much louder than your words?

  3. Alan (65 Jayhawk)

    So good and so true! Great!!!

  4. Corkie

    Time for the Obama cruise ship to go to port! Enough! America is in crisis and we MUST get Obama OUT ASAP!
    Great toon Tony! As usual!

  5. Frank

    Absolutely Great Cartoon. Could not have shown it better! Thanks

  6. Mike Hurder

    We can only hope that this cruise is done. wish I could get my $ back since it has made me sick to my stomach.

  7. Sondra

    Better it showed them sinking too!

  8. Nanynany Noonoo

    The drawing is missing the people left on the deck of the ship as it sinks, while Obama and crew makes off with the only lifeboat.

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