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1001 Reasons to Vote Against Barack Obama

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  1. The only reasons I need is that he has divided our nation like never before, encouraged depravity, has associations with radical communists and fascists and I still don’t think he is a Christian, nor was he born in this country. I think he is a plant to do subversive activity in our country.

  2. when do the comments get posted? Thanks

    • Hi, you can my last comment off-N/A anymore, thanks.

      “Linda Tipler says:
      May 31, 2012 at 9:42 am when do the comments get posted? Thanks”

  3. All interesting discussion points to research for sources to find the truth. Important thoughts.
    If you have the time,please send any sources for any of the items to me please. I’d take a look at it. Thanks

  4. Habeas Corpus
    Pronunciation: “hay-bee-uhs core-puhs”
    Common Misspellings: habeus corpus
    First off, Mr Becker should learn to spell. Secondly,the blame for anything and everything pertaining to the war in Iraq falls squarely on the shoulders of former President Bush, PERIOD. If we were there twenty more years, Bush would have been to blame. Why, you ask? Because he started the war under false pretenses. Where are those WMD”s George? Could it be that Hussein got rid of them like he was supposed to? To this day none have been found. So, that means that every bit of death, destruction,and cost, civilian and military, is all the fault of George Bush, because we had no business being there in the first place. There goes a whole chunk of this piece, right down the toilet. All legislation has earmarks, wasteful or not. Name one politician who doesn’t make bold statements that they discover are impossible to follow through with.There goes another huge section of your piece, Mr Becker. Item 54 is just laughable and irrelevant. Item number 55 is probably misleading. Just because the so-called “New Party” endorsed Barack Obama, does not mean he was a card carrying member.Even though they say he was, doesn’t mean it’s true. Item 56 is pretty much the same. Again, a person or an organization endorses Barack Obama. Whoop-de do! I’m sure The KKK endorses many conservative candidates. TARP was signed by President Bush, before Obama was sworn in. Obama simply carried out the provisions. Now, for the last few on the auto industry bailout. Was Rick Solomon a good CEO? No, not if his company was going belly up while still got huge compensation. He had to go. Next, Was Steve Rattner ever convicted of taking these illegal kickbacks? I think we can figure out the answer to that. For someone who has no experience in the auto industry, it seems he’s doing a fairly decent job, now doesn’t it. Mr Becker, with all due respect, there isn’t a whole lot in your article that can’t be debunked. FLUUSSHHHH!

    • Oh no, a typo! You didn’t debunk a single thing, because I couched everything in such a way that it makes one look like a fool for trying it. Many links go to “mainstream” sources, by the way. The more controversial stuff is explicitly documented and verifiable.

      So, more brazen assertions from the left, without the intellectual wherewithal or honesty to back them up. The entire piece, made with substantiated and even undeniable claims, is a track record that tells a story about our dear leader, and one that hack leftwing partisans would prefer not to be told. Drones may continue to blindly worship Obama, I don’t mind. That will never change, so long as men seek to be enslaved to the state rather than self-governing. This piece is pitched towards the persuadable, and not towards those who would never admit that Obama has done an abysmal job as president under any circumstances, whatsoever.

      I’m sure you’ll find a typo in the next list of a hundred, hang in there.

    • michellesbigbeaver

      Oppsie, it looks like they did find weapons of mass destruction after all. Read it and weep here:


      You just have excessive liberal bleeding butthurt because your Chicago Jesus failed to deliver on his biggest campaign promise. It did however mange to show the entire world what we already knew, that he was completely inexperienced and had no idea what was going on or what to do about it. BWAHAHAHAHA

      Also your nonsense about Obama and TARP is hilarious. You see your favorite Senator Obama voted for TARP. What your lib butthurt can’t stand is that then Senator Obama voted on many things (or purposely didn’t, he was the king of voting “present” after all) regarding the economy which he later signed into law as president. This makes him pretty much the owner of the economy, especially after the completely disastrous and useless stimulus bill.

      Your time would be much better spent going and finding some nice large soft extra absorbent tampons for your tender bleedy liberal butthurt……

      • Hahahahahahaha! The New York Post? What are your other sources, Weekly World News? The National Enquirer? Also, you’re saying that Bush WASN’T the one who signed TARP? Yes, Obama voted for TARP, but so did the rest of congress, you st… no, I won’t stoop to your level of childish name calling. Give me some real sources. I like actual facts, and The Post has got nothing. It’s got a pretty good sports section, but that’s about it. When you grow up and learn something useful, then we’ll argue.

        • michellesbigbeaver

          You’d better get some soothing balm for your sore bleedy butthurt because it’s just about to get worse… the source is none other than Wikileak documents. Google it for yourself…

          Sorry about using The New York Post, I would have used WaPo or the NYT but with them now going broke and all I didn’t know how long their links would be up..BWAHAHAHAHAAH.


          I noticed how you stumbled and fell over the fact that Obama does indeed own this economy. Obama has learned the very hard way that you can’t vote which ever way the wind blows because we all know that if you “sow the wind, you’ll reap the whirlwind”….a lesson that libs are only now learning while they stand there with bird poop smeared on their faces as Obama’s chickens come home to rest….

          • I’ve got nothing to be “butthurt” about. The joke will be on you all WHEN Obama gets reelected. The economy is slowly getting better, after the disaster that he INHERITED. So yeah, I guess in that sense he “owns” it.

  5. Libya (and/or any number of his illegal wars)

    • Yes, you are right, this piece is pitched toward the persuadable, weak minded conspiracy theorist types,his private equity firm that will believe anything without question. I never once said that Obama is a good president, it’s simply that nothing in your piece is enough to convince me that he is any worse than any other politician running for any office, ever. And compared to his most likely opponent, Mitt Romney, who has destroyed countless lives with his private equity firm, Bain Capital, all in the name of selfish gain and profits, President Obama is the much lesser of the two evils. So you can pretend that your article is “informative” and relevant. Those of us with independent thought will know otherwise.

  6. You forgot air force one joyride over nyc

    • Forthcoming, but thanks for the reminder.

    • Oh my, do you mean to say that Air force One was used to transport the President? This is unprecedented!!! An impeachable offense to be sure! He he he!

      • Well, when a president uses Air Force One to fly to campaign speeches….throughout his presidency….then I do have a problem. But don’t worry – ole BO will be back to being a community activist (on his own dime) soon enough.

      • Something tells me you’re not real bright. Since you seem to know so much, what was the “official” business being conducted on that preposterously stupid stunt with Air Force One? Your mockery and inaccurate drivel are not substitutes for reality. Something tells me you don’t research properly but selectively. Silence is your best option.

      • hittman, sometimes it is better to be thought of as a fool than to write like that and remove all doubt.

  7. michellesbigbeaver

    You left off that the day after the election the MSM stated that he had won by the “biggest land slide in political history”… just another lie that wasn’t retracted until much later. The lie was of course to help further promote the ginned up Obama mythos…..

  8. And the band plays on. What a waste. Great job Kyle, and i’m looking forward to the next 100.

    I have to admit this site really has my attention. Keep up the great work everyone.