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Understanding the Enemy

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  1. The reason why the gop keeps fighting amoung themselves is beause they have inadequate candidates, never have i seen such a bunch of losesrs running for office. the competion is bleak. flipflopping romney, who cannot relate to the working man, the poor or even the middle class. he is out of touch and elite which obama was accused of being now you have a candidate that is all of those things, and people are frustrated. a brokered convention will not take place nor will gingrich be a viable candidate for president. petty comments about dog meat that occured as a child by obama shows the imaturity of those who take part as well as lack of sophistication and intellect. the gop is chasing it’s tail just to keep up. preying upoun iliterate individuals and those without college education, that obama is the enemy. if you think a multi-millionaire is going to look out for you gop misfits vote for romeny, just hope you never fall on hard times. during the deppression the rich paid well over 80% in taxes and 35% is too much wake up and smell the joe. government projects helped us get out as well, so drain the old grandma’s social security payments, end the tax loop hole that gives a deduction for charitable contributions that help churches, organizations, that provide food and healthcare and other things for the poor and infirmed. listen to this man who does nothave a clue about the average person. he attended the best schools all his life and had the best of everything. a wife who worked at home . yeah with maids, nannies, chefs, butlers, what did she do, teach her kids to be decent people that’s about it. she probably had tutors to help with homework, never had to worry about the cost of child care or how to get there or missing days from work with five kids someone was probably always sick with a problem. the two caddys’ did she drive them or did she have a driver. they were not purchased off the used care lot like most americans. so dive in you will sink to the bottom like a rock, and when you reach up for help obama will be there hopefully it will not be too late.

  2. I’m really trying to get behind Romney, but every time I get behind him, he moves farther left. Note his remarks at his Florida fund-raiser where he said over and over again that tax cuts had to be “paid for” and bought the whole “soak the rich” narrative.

    I can swallow my pride and vote for a moderate/statist like Romney if he at least stays on-message about capitalism and freedom. But then he shoots off about paying for tax cuts and soaking the rich. I think Mitt should take your advice and attack Obama’s record instead of trying to snuggle up to the OWS crowd.

    I think we need to spend a lot of time making sure Mitt doesn’t try to run left of Obama and flush the election like McCain did. I am afraid he’s going to do something as dumb as McCain endorsing the bailouts and lose in a landslide.

  3. The point of making fun of the Obama “dog-eating” thing was to show how the left drums up faux-compassionate causes when they sicked their attack dogs on Romney, which had nothing to do with important national issues. The left is trying to distract us, but sometimes it is relevant to show how the left distracts us and emotionally manipulates us by counter-attacking petty issues. It depends on how you do it and if you can pivot to more important things. The issue is not the issue, as you know well.