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Dog, Meat Dog

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  1. Joe (craptain America)

    Clarice says “still smiling”, and Mr Branco says my favorite line: “Thank you Clarice”. Under the circumstances, that brings to mind a funny, and ironically apt comparison to a certain Hannibal.

  2. well with the smile on seamus face he would rather be in the presidential vehicle than on top of the romneys’ car for twelve hours ( don’t forget he later crapped all over the windows).obama may have eaten dog, grasshopers, snake at aget 10 or 12 in a country were it was acceptable sought items the dog in particular. but i guess if you have a limited lntellect you would think this is really great to make a negative comparison about.

  3. Saw Romney on Hannity last night and he wouldn’t even talk about this…
    That doesn’t change the fact that Obama is using this issue to demonize Romney simply for the fact that Obama’s own record is a dismal failure…
    Well done Tony!!!

  4. A great cartoon as always but isn’t it ludicrous that this story is in the forefront instead of the economy, unemployment, housing foreclosures, gasoline prices and the war in Afghanistan!

  5. Still smiling!!!