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4 thoughts on “Crusty the Dog Relives Becoming Obama’s Dinner

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  2. el polacko

    a middle-aged obama chose to boast about the incident in one of his many autobiographies…he also, personally, related the ‘tail’ in the audiobook version.
    i’m sure that poor crusty would have preferred to be in a carrier on top of romney’s car and survived to tell about it than to have met his end on the roof of obama’s mouth.

  3. labman57

    It’s a completely valid comparison … if you regard a middle-aged Romney to have the maturity, judgement, and free-will of a 7-year old Obama.

    1. Kyle Becker Post author

      The issue is not the issue. The left drums up these distractions and it is important to mock them when they do. This is not about Obama eating dog as much as it is about the left making dogs a campaign issue.

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