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Rush, Eye to Eye

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  1. Tagged it once again, Antonio! Of course, free speech is only for the Left.

  2. Hey rush,oliver stone dropped out of college & requested combat in vietnam. U used your ‘tail’ to chicken out of ‘nam’. Ollie was awarded the bronze star for gallantry.(u could have gotten an in office procedure to make u fit for combat. U didn’t.) you were caught purchasing viagra. (3 failed marriages, no kids? Birth control?) you used more oxycontin than a terminally ill cancer patient. U drug addict fucking piece of shit. Fuck u & your dildo heads,scumbag. Lead your lemmings to the cliffs,they deserve u fat ass!

    • Nice comment. take your profanity else where….

    • Peter, you obviously so lack the intellect and skill to debate Rush on the issues, that you have to resort to basic cro-magnon instincts to deal with what your mind can’t possibly understand… But your comment is very entertaining for us who get it.

    • real well-thought out argument,Peter, what else would you expect from a left wing, socialist sheep

  3. Oh yeah! Feels right to be right, don’t it Branco?!

  4. Exactly! Excellent Tony! What the left do against the right is ten times worse and more often than that which happens the other way around. Not only that, but Rush apologized! I’ve yet to see anyone on the left apologize! As usual, gre
    at job in portraying the double standards of the left!

    • Thank you Corkie… The double standard is alive and well on the left and very obvious to any one who doesn’t have their head in the sand.

  5. I wonder what would happen if we went back in time and saw all the left’s comments about Rush’s wife when they were married.