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2 thoughts on “Obama Tilting At Windmills Again – With Money We Don't Have

  1. Klaus Krauthammer

    Another missed opportunity by the extreme stupid party (republicans) to use the above mentioned extortion against the communist thieving extortion krats. No one will track that money to Africa. These schemes are endless and the bill is put on the national debt. The privately owned Federal Reserve laughs all the way to their own fraud bank as the tax payers get to pay for the loan with interest. The Krats route that money through several countries and banks back to their secret accounts. All the pigs get rich and the tax payer most of whom have never read a book lives in financial servitude and ignorance his entire life. What unstudied idiots americans have been.

  2. Kevin Johnson

    Obama is more than willing to send another 770 million overseas but wants to cut our milatarys pay and benefits as well as our social security benefits, isn’t that interesting.

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