U.N Report Shows Iran Accelerating Nuke Capabilities

By | February 24, 2012

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0 thoughts on “U.N Report Shows Iran Accelerating Nuke Capabilities

  1. WillofLa

    C’mon people! Iran already has nukes! They have had nukes for some time now. The only reason why they are building all the centrifuses are so they can make their own. Don’t you know that’s how Arabs are, and always have been. They don’t like making other people’s stuff, they buy something from someone, take it apart, then redesign one and make their own. They’ve always done things that way. So they buy one and us it as the example, and now are starting to make their own. At least they’re not like the Russian’s used to be and went around after they stole the design and claimed they are the one’s who originally built the first one, and somebody stole the idea from them. This is the way Iranian’s have been forever.

    So they bought one from either the Russian’s or the Chinese, or several. Yeah, they already have them and it’s just politics that they haven’t used one yet. They have to do their sabre rattling you know.