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One thought on “Breaking News: Gunfight in ICE Office: 1 Dead 1 Wounded

  1. WillofLa

    Not much to comment on except, these guys really need more firearms training….bad! Do you mean to tell me the first officer couldn’t hit the guy behind the desk ten feet away? Well, I’ve always heard that it’s much harder than you think to hit your target at close range than it is at twenty-five yards. Ten feet seems to be the distance, well, at least under twenty-five feet seems to be the distance people would encounter inside their house if they came upon an intruder. As in this case the second agent who came in either was lucky, or had more time to aim, or was further away from the first officer who did the shooting. And the guy behind the desk I suppose bumped and hurt himself banging around on the floor trying to get out of the bullets flying?

    Oh well, “film at 11:00″.

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