A Gambler's Budget

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  • Obama reminds me of a head football coach that goes into the big game with a “brilliant” game plan that he divised—and refuses to deviate from—until the game is over and his team has lost.

  • Obama’s ears are drawn too large. Ears that large would hear what the taxpayers are saying. “Don’t bet with my money!”

  • Stephanie Russcher

    Well said!
    Something drastic has got to change, or our economy may just as well crash for a short time or even longer. No worries for those that prepare heavily like my husband and I. Keep your guns and your ammo close by.

  • I LOVE how you have Obama gambling with our money and betting against his tried and failed BS! Great toon Tony! Well done!

  • the sure sign of insanity…..doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…PERFECT