Governor Jan Brewer Exposes “Thin-Skinned” Obama

By | January 27, 2012

President Obama somehow believes he is beyond criticism, no matter how much truth is behind it, as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer found out firsthand when she attempted to give Obama a presidential welcome to her state when he landed at the airport. Watch the following video, as Governor Brewer explains just what was behind the viral picture that shows her pointing her finger at the President in what can only be properly described as a heated exchange.

A few facts that have come out about this “exchange of words.” First of all Barack Obama admits that he didn’t read the whole book, yet took umbrage with the fact that it didn’t paint him and his administration in a rosy, fluffy Liberal media way.

Secondly, President Obama did not dispute one single fact in the Governor’s book. Not one. So now we see a President that demands the facts be ignored when it suits his fluffed up agenda of spreading the misinformation about the illegal immigration problems America faces today. Governor Brewer has exposed Obama’s skin as being as thin of that which a snake has shed weeks ago and has been drying out in the sun. It is less than paper thin and twice as fragile. So much for the tough-guy image of Obama tried to bluff America and Congress with during his recent SOTU address.

Finally, President Obama received a harsh lesson in life from Governor Brewer as far as his all-powerful bully pulpit is concerned. Governor Brewer refused to bow down to the dictator, and got right in his face with the truth, no matter how uncomfortable the truth was for Barack Obama. Thank you Governor Brewer, for taking a stand and setting an example that all elected officials and Americans alike should follow. Truth-telling is making a comeback, much to the dismay of the Obama administration and the media puppets!

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