Occupy DC Tries to Erect a House at McPherson Square

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  • They don’t have a clue how to build anything let alone a house. What is this piece of crap they have nailed together.

  • Those boards are 2×12’s. Where did they get those boards and how did they put them up? No body saw them nailing these huge boards up? No body heard a bunch of hammering going on? Like how long did it take them to put this structure up? And the article said it “…was brought in.”? How? Were the “a” frames already nailed to gether into trusses and they were brought in? How many kids did it take to carry them like that? Were they brought in one board at a time? How long were the boards?sinceI know they are 16 foot lengths, and I imagine you can order some in 18 and 20 foot lengths. And the big question to anyone who builds like I have in the past, how straight were they, did anyone “sight” them before they were bought? Anyone who knows, knows about “sighting” the boards.

    You know, I’m just asking. Since these people are so incapable of working, they must know something about carpentry, so why don’t they go get a carpenter’s job? But first they’d have to go down to the union hall and join the union then their name would be put on the list for jobs and wait to be called. They don’t have cars do they? They maybe once they were union members they could go around to the construction sights and ask if they were hiring. LIKE, GET A JOB IF YOU CAN DO THAT KIND OF WORK!!!