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Happy New Years from President Obama and Speaker Boehner.

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One comment

  1. Happy New Year Everyone!! It’s now 2012, the decade we’ve all been hearing so much about. It’ll either be all a damn lie like Y2K was, and I’ll guarantee you some people spent thousands of dollars preparing for the end, don’t you know they were PE’OD when they found out they had been duped?? All we have been hearing so far has been the same damn thing. I even ran out a copy of the Senate’s investgation of what they believed would happen, and it was supposed to be really bad, and the government was preparing themselves. I guess they must have all been in on it because after Y2K passed I never once, not one single damn time heard from any one single person on TV or radio that they were shocked, amazed, befuddled, and wondering who the hell was behind that scam as soon as they came back on TV and there wasn’t a single person who said a single word about it being a huge joke. There may have been somebody but I watched all the channels and I didn’t hear anyone say, “Man, I think we were fooled! I wonder who the hell was behind this huge scam? I spent alot of money on candles and soup!” You know? NO one said a word. So I guess the media must have been in on it to.

    So I suspect that this is/might be the same sort of thing. You notice I left the door open don’t you? At least I admit I’m not the brightest candle in the room and there are alot of people who are alot smarter than me and would know histories and such I would never know. So something could be happening.

    But to be honest I hope the end of the world is coming. You know why? So that God can show man that he will not have his little New World Order, and no he will not kill off all these people all over the world with his little germ warfare bugs. No. The Holy Bible says “God will not be mocked.”
    And Jesus Christ said He would not come back to a burned out cinder, you know, like from a nuclear war?

    So I hope it is some sort of the end at least so that man would be put in his place one last time. I hope that the Rapture comes true, since the Bible never really mentions that word even though the Bible does describe it happening. I know it’s true, but if there is going to be a time when all the prophecies have come true so far for the first time in history. This would be when it would happen, so, yeah, I do hope it’s the end but I’m watching for God, and not listen to man like I did in Y2K.