Bob Cusack Weighs in on GOP Frontrunners

By | December 14, 2011

WASHINGTON, Dec. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In an interview with Focus Washington’s Chuck Conconi, Bob Cusack, managing editor of Congressional newspaper, “The Hill,” discusses the current bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

Conconi and Cusack sat down to discuss the Republican frontrunners and what is currently going on in the GOP nomination race. Cusack says, “There has always been this anti-Mitt Romney movement andNewt Gingrich has captured it, but Republicans on Capitol Hill are fearing, many of them, that Gingrich will actually win the nomination.” He adds that Gingrich’s lead has sent people scrambling to endorse Romney as many are strong proponents against Gingrich and are disappointed with his leadership of the house.

When comparing Gingrich and Romney, the two leading GOP candidates, Cusack addressed the areas in which each needs to improve. While Gingrich has taken a lead in the early states, there is still a lot of work that needs to get done. “I think Newt Gingrich needs to get money and he’s got to get organization –Mitt Romney’s got both,” said Cusack. “And a lot of people don’t know who Mitt Romney is. He’s not the best at retail politics.”

While Republicans might not be thrilled with the two top candidates, Cusack notes it is too late in the race for someone else to step in and take the lead. “Republicans are going to have to decide who is best to defeat President Obama.” Regardless of the candidates, the major player in the 2012 election is the state of the economy and Cusack says that will play the biggest role in determining whether or not Obama has a second term in office.

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