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October 11th GOP Presidential Debate [Full Video]

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  1. You Ron Paul people are a bunch fools to believe he won that debate with 67%.How many of you voted 6 and 7 times over.You sound like the democrats with their 1000 countries or the 57 states statements. Herman again won this debate..

    • You can only vote ONCE from one ip address my friend. Also, if you do not see how they block him. At least let him if he is indeed going to lose let him do it while being able to even be allowed to speak for more then 2 minutes compared to everyone elses 25 minutes of speaking. Do you not want a “democratic” election or a black out from the media for this man. Let him lose on his own and not be driven out because of msm not allowing him even the time to speak. Romney and Perry went at each other like school children. Perry is a bush clone. Romney is an idiot global banker puppet as the rest aside from Paul. Bachman is EX irs attorney. She said she spent a lifetime in the private sector and almost in the same breath said I work as a tax attorney and congress. That’s not the private sector. Liar. Cain and is 999 plan is going to bankrupt the poor and is also ex fed so works as puppet for bankers. Greenspan. Give me a break. Paul got the loudest applause when he said how ignorant saying greenspan was the best. WHAT. Ron Paul is a statesman and has sound policies and answers with authority knowing the answers and not thinking while speaking trying to spew out the best garbage he can like the rest. RON PAUL or we will have continued war and a bankrupt country just like greece. Done by design. More unwarranted wars. If we were not in such huge support of Israel. LET THEM FIGHT THEIR OWN BATTLES. We cannot even take care of ourselves, why take care of them. RON PAUL ALL THE WA A A Y Y !!!!!

    • can only vote once, sorry…

    • You can only vote once from your computer, believe me I tried to vote twice. So no he still won with people only being able to vote for him once, but good try.

  2. Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  3. The mainstream corporate media is losing more and more viewers everyday because it’s so obvious to most Americans that they are either downplaying Ron Paul or not mentioning him at all. Ron Paul wins most of the online polls as well as most of the national polls. The establishment is scared and it’s obvious. America is waking up and there’s nothing the dieing corporate whore media can do about it. Paul 2012!!!!

  4. I’m not sure how they are adding things up, but it adds up to 148%. Even though it’s 148%, Ron Paul still has almost half. Those other fools are no better than Obama. If you like being a slave, vote for one of them or Obama, if you want to be free, vote for Ron Paul. We have the choice to vote for one of them, or to vote for on of us. Please vote for OUR freedom.

  5. Ron Paul (69%)

    Herman Cain (23%)

    Newt Gingrich (22%)

    Mitt Romney (15%)

    Jon Huntsman (9%)

    Michele Bachmann (6%)

    Rick Santorum (3%)

    Rick Perry (3%)

    • Yay! Now… if the Ronulans can swarm the polling booths like they do straw and online polls, then Ron Paul will be elected just in time to have the US Dollar completely collapse under his Presidency and find himself unable to convince the voting public that it wasn’t the fault of fiscal conservatives!

      Who will the voting public blame? Think about it, accept the fact that your straw poll and online presence means very little in the real world, and consider yourselves lucky. Don’t get me wrong, I really like and respect Ron Paul and am a Libertarian, but do not vote in these online polls and in straw votes, and realize the best Ron Paul can probably do at this point is influence other fiscal conservatives.

      Hopefully more and more fiscal conservatives will consider Libertarian principles, “real money” and the business cycle, and to start preparing themselves to run for office, at all levels local and national. Ron Paul is getting too old and struggles to defend himself quickly, Rand is too young for the next few terms, and time has probably already run out in the short-term. The US Dollar is going down, that’s all there is to it.

      Our time is coming, but not yet. My advice in the interim? Shore up your vulnerable investments, switch to tangible commodities to weather the financial storm, study economics and wealth generation, and come out swinging on the other side! Spending all this time online isn’t very productive… get back to work!

  6. O, man. The Washington Post is going to lose a lot of subscribers on this one. They are “right in our face” lying to us… Now tell me who is going to trust them any more? I am not and will be CANCELING MY SUBSCRIPTION right away.

    RON PAUL WON this debate and will win them all – America has already chosen Ron Paul.. Give it up, you lose.

  7. what about the candidates that actually have something to say. romney, perry, and cain all sound like w bush only more retarded

    • hack kneed expressions about W Bush are not only boring, but point to a lack of knowledge….as long as we’re talking about what really matters. What matters are reduced to some basic rights. I for one am sick of taxes, yes some of pay alot of taxes. AND we work very hard for our money. AND we help others on our own. The current state of affairs has been in the making for decades. And what we see the EPA doing with its loans makes the Tea Pot Dome story look like a fairy tale, how about Davis Bacon….oh heres one for you…FDA…which created an industry built on a moral hazard…finding a cure. What happens if you find a cure…for cancer…big hint P53 gene…and P21 protein. Yep your well educated, no doubt about that cupcake. One thing that happens when you can do repurchase aggreements with banks, you leran how corrupt the system really is, and it stinks!

    • Look at the United States trying to find or make up lies to attack Iran. If Ron Paul isn’t president in 2012 we will be pushed into many more wars and give America the chance they’ve been waiting for to declare marshal law. Guys we need to work very hard to make sure next years elections are honest and reliable. This is our last chance to save our freedom and America for that fact. The media has done a fine job blocking Ron Paul from the American citizens, so it’s up to us to spread the great message of freedom to the US before dictatorship sets in and we repeat history once again. US has been looking for a lie to attack Iran just like they did Iraq and here we go into another war and soon WW3 if we keep this war mongering up. Ron Paul 2012

      • Clearly, based upon your statement, you lack knowledge regarding what it is you threaten. I believe you were referring to Martial Law, not Marshal Law. The point is, if you had any substantial knowledge on this topic, surely you would know the proper spelling. This leads me to believe that your sole source of information has likely been sensationalist rhetoric. Martial Law is often spoken of in circles such as the Oath Keepers, and it is utilized as nothing more than a scare tactic. Had you researched the topic on your own or actually bothered to learn more about it, you would know the spelling by now. Actually, you must not know what Martial Law is, as the action is implied by the title, which surely hints at the proper spelling.

    • As a conservative I’m supporting the Republicans candidate, and whichever candidate is chosed as our nomine I will support; however I feel Newt Is the most knowledge on our government needs in order to not make the mistakes that have been made in the past.

  8. If Gary Johnson doesn’t qualify to be there what do you want Rich to Do? He is simply reporting the facts here. Do you think it would be a good thing to have every flake who filed to run for POTUS up there for every debate? Like The rent is too damn high guy? The candidates who are the most viable candidates and receive the support to show it in the biggest polls qualify for being in these debates and are the ones we need to see. IMO we already have too many candidates with trying to sort out these 8. I’d like to see it taken down to 5 by the end of this month.

    What is great about this debate is that it is on one main topic- economy. We should get a better understanding of these candidates as to what they believe is the best way to create jobs and improve our economy “long-term.”
    I like Gary Johnson and what he did as Gov. of N.M was a great example of conservative principles in action. If Gary wants to get some air time and explain his ideas of how to fix our economy today, I,m sure he could get an interview with maybe Chris Wallace on Sunday, or any of the other shows that give extended interviews. Gary isn’t even getting 1% in the latest CBS poll here:


    That is why they didn’t include him. Rich maybe could said the only viable candidates according to the latest polls and the rules of this debate for inclusion, bu that would make the Title too long. I do not fell he was slighting Gary Johnson in any way shape or form, nor is he “trying to control” who America votes for. Every major poll today simply says Gary isn’t a viable candidate with mainstream voter support. While I can respect your opinion about wanting to vote for him, the rest of America doesn’t share that opinion, as backed up by his polling numbers.

    • :”could have said” and “do not feel are corrections.’ Is the coffee ready yet?

    • Hey DJ Redman – I LIKE the rent is too damnhigh guy – he at least stands for something. Gary Johnson also steals Rush’s jokes and spreads them around. He brings a little levity to the otherwise boring, scripted candidates that are running now. The only lively one among them is Herman Cain – the rest are so scripted that I can give their answers for them. And showing up in the polls – those are about as worthwhile as Obama! Half the idiots who respond to them do not question, read, think, or even react to the stupid questions asked by polsters! COME ON DJ – if you are serious about which candidate to choose – do your OWN RESEARCH!!
      Don’t rely on these TV “debates” which aren’t debates to give you the info you seek. You KNOW they won’t tell what they are thinking or feeling as some little old granny in Iowa might not like the answer or an ultra right conservative might not like to hear that the candidates are in favor or abortion. Go seeketh your own knowledge. Go read, discuss with others and vote as an educated person – not as a TV watching debate junkie does!

  9. “The remaining field of GOP candidates will face-off in the next Republican Presidential Debate.” There are other candidates, this isn’t the only ones left. You are trying to control who the American people votes for by limiting their knowledge of each candidate. Gary Johnson should be there tomorrow, he deserves to be heard just as much as the rest. Even Newt agrees. http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/10/newt-calls-on-debate-organizers-to-include-gary-johnson/
    Get it together!